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Boat Winterizing & Storage

We can provide lift service for boats up to 50 feet in length and up to a 15 foot beam, with total weight not to exceed 30 tons. We also have the capability of stepping sailboat masts at our haul-out well.

All storage rates include haul-out, pressure washing the boat bottom, and launch. Heated and cold storage square footage is calculated as follows, Length (including swim platform if applicable) x Beam.

Quick Answers

  • Diagnoses & Estimate of repairs is free if the repairs are authorized and done at our facility.
  • Service rates are $80.00 per hour. Material rates may vary.
  • Member Discounts are not valid on package pricing.
  • Winter Season is typically defined as December 1st thru May 31st (6 months)
  • Summer Season is typically defined as June 1st thru Nov 31st (6 months)
  • All amounts due Pointe Marine Association are secured by and subject to a possessory lien as provided in MCLA 570.373.
  • Notice of Lien: The boat stored under any agreement is subject to a possessory lien in favor of Pointe Marine for all storage charges pursuant to the Michigan Marina and Boatyard Storage Lien Act, MCL570.371, et seq.

Customers: Please Help Us Help You!

  • Please tag your trailer with last name. We have tags available if requested.
  • Leave your keys on the boat or drop off at the front desk.
  • Leave batteries on boat and charged until winterizing is complete.
  • Stop by the front desk to update your information and sign your work order.
  • Register your email address by signing up for our newsletter. There you will find coupon information and service specials.
  • Tell us your concerns before you tell a friend. Give us an opportunity to help. Your satisfaction is our goal! Communication with our customers is vital.

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